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Places of Interest in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, ‘The Manchester of India', has many reasons to attract the tourists. Places of interest in Ahmedabad are really aplenty and all of these places are opportunely located within the Gujarat city. Monuments, edifices and many fore Ahmedabad places of interest will incite you to pack your bag for a city tour for sure. Just check this list of select few tourist attractions in Ahmedabad before you set out.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is situated nearby the famous MG Road or Mahatma Gandhi Road. One of the splendid most mosques of the world, the place is mostly visited by pious Muslims. Moreover, thousands of tourists visit the place on holidays and weekends. Constructed with yellow sand stones, the gigantic frameworks is a pleasure to eyes and mind both.

The Jama Masjid, which is considered one of the most illustrious places of interest in Ahmedabad, was built in 1423 by Ahmed Shah, the former ruler of the city. He and his soldiers bulldozed several Hindu and Jain temples and collected the remains to form this grand edifice. Now however brutal it sounds, the place ha s well blended all types of people and on today's date, aesthetics has won over religion. It's now a famous landmark of Ahmedabad.

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple is a perfect example of typical Gujarati genre of architecture. The place pf interest of Ahmedabad is located at Gandhinagar, the capital of the state and 20 kilometers from the city. This gossamer marvel gets 2 million footfalls every year. Because of its impeccable artistry, the Akshardham Temple of Ahmedabad is now one of the finest places of interest in Ahmedabad. You can view the deity of Hindu Lord Swaminarayan here.

The 10-storied temple grabs attention of many because of its pink sandstone built structure. Surprisingly, no iron rods were used during the construction of the building. It's just a calculative appointment of sandstones that has made it possible. There are 93 chiseled pillars and 40 windows that are an elegant show, truly.

Sabarmati Ashram

If you are eager enough to know the pre-47 India, a country struggling to get independence, Sabarmati Ashram is a whole chapter for you. The Father of the Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, built this retreat to set up an example for hi s countrymen. This is the place from where the great man taught the country how to live a humble life. The place is an eyewitness for many political movements including the famous Dandi March and the Satyagraha Movement.

What you will find in Sabarmati, one of the most sought-after places of interest in Ahmedabad is a rare collection of Gandhi's used items, manuscripts, letters, photographs that will take you back to the pre-independence India. The mementos along with the ambience will make you learn how a country got rid of colonial rule after bloodsheds and movements.

Sardar Patel Memorial Museum

Sardar Patel Memorial Museum is yet another place of interest in Ahmedabad. The repository is in Shahibaugh of Ahmedabad. The place is also popular as Moti Shahi Mahal. Sardar Patel, who was a great leader of the country, is remembered in artifacts and whatnots. Not only that, a floor is also dedicated to the World Poet, Rabindranath Tagore. It will give you a glimpse of the each evolutional stage of Indian politics. Indian Flag, as designed by the National Congress in 1930 is for display here.