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Nearby getaways from Ahmedabad

Innate in beauty itself the marvelous city of Ahmedabad boasts of several nearby getaways that form ideal tourist’s destinations. Mostly situated within 300 kms the many nearby getaways from Ahmedabad are popular weekrnd holiday spots.

Below is a list of the important Nearby getaways from Ahmedabad


Easily accessaible by car or bus the holy town of Ambaji is set in the beautiful backdrop of the Arasur Hills. Just a three hours drive from Ahmedabad Ambaji is one of the most important nearby getaways from Ahmedabad. Dedicated entirely to the supremacy of women the temples at Ambaji are an embodiment female power. Dotted with temples and holy shrines throughout the village this pilgrimage center in Gujarat is visited by devout believers from all parts of the globe


The abode of the great Mahatma Gandhi – the Father of the Nation, Porbandar is situated at a distance of about 400 kms from the city of Ahmedabad. Visited by both locals and tourists Porbandar is one of the most frequented nearby getaways from Ahmedabad. This ancient port city which is the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi apart from housing the Gandhi memorial, also boasts of a number of beautiful natural sights like beaches, lakes, hills, valleys and gardens.

Modhera Sun Temple

Located 102 kms from Ahmedabad is one of the oldest temples in India the Modhera Sun Temple. Built by King Bhimdev I in 1026 CE this temple dates back to the 11th century. Bhimdev belonged to the Solanki dynasty, which was considered Suryavanshi or descendents of the Sun God. A massive and fascinating structure pained golden this temple dedicated to the Sun God is believed to be miraculous in nature. Thousands of tourists throng to this place from all parts of the country to see the beauty of the carved monument on which images of the Sun God in different forms have been sculptured.


Palanpur is located about 135 km from Ahmedabad. A contrast from the rest of the arid landscapes Palanpur is among the most frequented hill stations in Gujarat. Surrounded by beautiful hillocks and nestled in the lap of the Aravali Ranges this is one of the finest nearby getaways from Ahmedabad. Mostly visited on weekends by the locals Palanpur is the ideal destination for a pleasure retreat. The quaint little hill station also shelters some 14 Jain temples that date back to the 14 th century.

Mount Abu

Tucked away in the Aravali Hills is the beautiful hill station of Mount Abu. Almost a four drive from Ahmedabad Mount Abu is a pleasant concoction of forests, waterfalls, ravines and gigantic rock formations. Known for its pleasant climate throughout the year Mount Abu is generally full of tourists in summers.

The enthralling hill station apart from being naturally blessed is also the home of some of the finest Jain temples in India. Calm and tranquil Mount Abu is the hill town of Rajasthan is visited for its scenic locales and unhurried lifestyle. Some of the attractions in Mount Abu include Dilwara temples, Nakki Lake, Toad Rock, Nun Rock, Raghunath Temple and Camel Rock.


A trip to Ahmedabd is generally incomplete if you do not visit the nearby getaways. Udaipur, one of the most historically beautiful cities in India is just a 3 hours drive from Ahmedabad. Situated on the banks of the calm Pichola lake Udaipur is often referred to as the Kashmir of Rajasthan. Unparallel in beauty be it natural or historical Udaipur can be easily rated as the best nearby getaway from Ahmedabad.