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Lakes in Ahmedabad

Lakes are called the eyes of the earth. The lakes of a city shows how tender is the city environ. Lakes in Ahmedabad how deep the city people love nature. These lakes are opulently set amidst lush green and have blended well with the otherwise hustling and bustling metro of the country. These lakes can gift you desired serenity. You can hold light your darling’s baby finger and take a slow walk-around, or you can concentrate in the story book that you are about to finish in days coming, or you can simply gossip and laugh with your friends sitting beside these lakes of Ahmedabad. There are two major Ahmedabad lakes that have been attracting tourists as well as the city dwellers fro years.

  • Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake is one of the oldest and well-preserved lakes in Ahmedabad. It is situated on the south-eastern part of the city of Ahmedabad. In 1451, the lake was created by Sultan Qutub-ud-Din. Later, after the Mughals came into power, the lake of Ahmedabad was renovated several times. Mughal emperor Jahangir and his wife, Nur Jahan used to visit the place pretty often.

Kankaria Lake is a polygonal man-made lake. The lake is surprisingly enough 34-sided. There are tortuous sluice gates that supply and clean out the water of the lake on a a regular basis. The Central Island is known as Nagina Wadi which was a favorite place for the Mughal ruler Jahangir. A wonderful walkway connects the banks to the Nagina Wadi.

Going to the Kankaria lake of Ahmedabad in evening is synonymous to resorting to tranquility. Watch the beauty of the sunset from here as the scenery is heavenly one. Children come and play over here and the senior citizens stroll in the evening. You can also feel the water closer by boating here. The children’s’ park and the zoo beside and the scenic splendor altogether will enchant you for sure.

  • Chandola Lake

Chandola Lake is one of the most-visited lakes in Ahmedabad. Yet, it is one of the most tranquil places of Ahmedabad. The lake is located on Dani Limba Road, near to the City Central. This is also an artificial reservoir of Ahmedabad. The lake was created by Tajn Nari Ali’s wife. The place gets a celestial ambience with the Shah Alam’s catacomb standing nearby.

Chandola Lake has emerged as one of the most popular lakes in Ahmedabad for several reasons. Firstly, the serenity of the lake and its environs is something unparalleled in the city. Plus the place bears evidences of Mughal art and culture. It clearly reflects how the Mughal emperors wanted to pretty up the whole city. As major evidence, you can find the domes of the tomb all ornamented with precious stones and gems. Three big and eighteen small domes in total encircle the beautiful millpond. The Ahmedabad lake ha s also other importance like it takes a great role in irrigational work. With all these reasons combined, this is one of the best lakes in Ahmedabad