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Holy places in Ahmedabad

The beautiful city of Ahmedabad is a blend of people belonging to different religions and cultures. Be it Hindus’ Muslims, Jains or Christians all the religious sects co exist in harmony. Reputed for its holy places throughout the country Ahmedabad is considered an important pilgrimage center in India. Ahmedabad is home to some of the finest holy places built during the medieval and pre medieval period in India. Since Indians are known for their religious nature most of the holy places in Ahmedabad are completely filled with tourists mostly during the festive seasons. Some of the popular holy places in Ahmedabad are; Jain Temple, Akshardham Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Ahmed Shah's Mosque, Sidi Sayed Jhali, Sidi Bashirs Mosque, Rani Rupmati's Mosque and Palitana

Below is a list of the important Holy places in Ahmedabad

Swaminarayan temple

Built by Swaminarayan the founder of the Swaminarayan Sampraday, this temple is the world's first Swaminarayan temple. One of most frequented temples by the followers of the saint this temple over the years has developed into a valuable symbol of the rich cultural heritage of India. Standing tall amidst lush greeneries this temple is constructed of pure Burma teak and adorned with icons on the wall that represent Indian culture. The temple also has a number of intricately designed domes, lawns and galleries. Built on the lines of a palace the temple contains nine tombs which are known as 'Nau Gaz Pir' or 'Nine Yard Saints'.

Ahmed Shah's Mosque

One of the most popular holy places in Ahmedabad is the mosque built by Ahmed Shah in 1414 AD.

is a very attractive mosque of Ahmedabad that is located in the south-west end of the famous Bhadra fort. Ahmed Shah's Mosque is a very ancient mosque, built in 1414 AD. One of the oldest mosques in Ahmedabad this mosque was built exclusively for the nobles and the royals’ of the medieval period. One of the most ancient monuments in the country that has survived the ravages of time this mosque attracts millions of pilgrims and historical lovers from all parts of the world. A combination of black and white marble along with a whole of stones this mosque is a delight to the eyes. One of the prime tourist spots in the city this mosque is visited by one and all

Hatheesing Jain Temple

Founded by a rich Jain merchant in 1850 the Hatheesing Jain Temple is among the most popular Jain pilgrimage centers in India. Built in loving memory of Dharamnath, the 15th Jina or Jain apostle this temple has a paved courtyard surrounded by a row of 52 shrines each containing an image of a tirthankara. Also including the marble image of 15 tirthankars this temple is beautifully decorated with ornaments and carvings. A definite once in a life time visit this Jain temple is a living example of Indian style of art and architecture.

Bhadrakali Temple

Located inside Bhadra Fort the famous Bhadrakali Temple was built during Aazam Khan’s rule. Dedicated to The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali(A form of Goddess Kali) this temple is frequented by the devout believers of the deity. The devotees worship the goddess to attain wealth and prosperity. Built in exclusive mesh work this temple is a rare piece of architecture in the region. Constructed out of beautiful red stones this temple offers magnificent views at night. The best time to pay homage to this temple is during the festival of Navratri.