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Shopping in Ahmedabad

Shopping in Ahmedabad is like an infectious disease. You can not help your buying spree as the Ahmedabad shops, stalls and plazas are all open for your extreme delight. There are thousand-and-one options for shopping in Ahmedabad. Everything from garments to gadgets, cosmetics to handicrafts are available here. The city itself is popular for various handicrafts and garments. Ahmedabad is popular for being the largest manufacturer of garments in India. It is called the ‘Manchester of the East’. Let’s check the myriad avenues of Ahmedabad shopping.

  • Garments Shopping in Ahmedabad

If you want to buy garments, Ahmedabad city has ample options fro you. The La Royal of Khanpur has gained immense popularity because of the exclusive Indian traditional cloths that they offer. Jade Blue is another garments store in C G Road selling official and casual wear. Paras Saree Sad is a popular Saree store. Wills Life Style, the globally known retail chain have also their outlet in Ahmedabad and they sell first-class outfits. Pepe Jeans, Raymonds, Pantaloons all have their exclusive outlets in Ahmedabad.

  • Books, music and toys shopping in Ahmedabad

if you are in need of books, music CDs or albums at any point of time while in Ahmedabad, you have a lot of options in your hand. The Sur Sangam is a Sahjanand Avenue stall where you can find all types of music instruments ranging from harmonium to banjo. Kavita Toys is yet another good toy store from where you can buy playthings for your kid. For a wide range of CD/DVDs, visit PlanetM, Sharma Music Store or Music Zone. Natraj Book Center, Crossword, Book Plaza, Om Book Shop are few of the good book stores in Ahmedabad. There are numerous other toy-stores in Ahmedabad like Kavita Toys, New Disney Toy World etc.

  • Sports and footwear shopping in Ahmedabad

For sports and footwear shopping, Ahmedabad is an ideal place as many globally known brands aside from the local ones have their production and selling units housed here. Bata, Woodlands, Adidas, Reebok, Khadim are the well-known brands that you are well-acquainted with. But aside from these famous brands, there are numerous other little stores that can make happy your sporting spirit. Planet Sports, eagle Stores, Gujarat Sports are the few to name. Buy the best brands in Ahmedabad and get set for a sporty life.

  • Watches and Jewelry Shopping in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has a good eye for watches and jewelry and the industry has spread rapidly in the ‘Manchester of East’. Buy your favorite jewelry and watches from the renowned stores of Ahmedabad. is an online retailer of jewelry products. You can buy your favorite ornaments from here. There are other well-known jewelry stores like Au Ornaments, Ratnam Jewelers; Anjali Jewelers etc. buy watches from Timex and other renowned stores of Ahmedabad.

  • Handicrafts Shopping in Ahmedabad

If you have a knack for rural artwork, you must visit Ahmedabad as the city is rich with métiers coming in from all other parts of Gujarat. Karigari, Akaar, Banascraft are some of the most popular artifacts stall in Ahmedabad. You can find all the handicrafts from glass paintings to handbags here.