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Weather and Climate in Ahmedabad

Weather and Climate in Ahmedabad

Situated in the banks of River Sabarmati, the most prominent and important city of Gujarat i.e. Ahmedabad experiences a semi-arid hot climate. The weather and climate in Ahmedabad is largely influenced by the Arabian Sea. The average temperature of the city ranges in between 12 degrees to 41 degree Celsius. Like most of the other parts in India, the climate in Ahmedabad also revolves round three main important seasons. Let us check the weather in Ahmedabad during the three major seasons:

Summers in Ahmedabad

Summers enter the city in the month of March and continue till July. The summer months in Ahmedabad are characterized by extreme hot and dry climate. The minimum average temperature is about 23°C while the maximum temperature is 43°C. The highest temperature that has been recorded in the city till date is 47°C.

Monsoons in Ahmedabad

South western monsoons sweep into Ahmedabad in mid July. During this time weather and climate in Ahmedabad is humid. Monsoon continues till the month of September. The average annual rainfall received by the city is 93.2 cm. The monsoons are often characterized by torrential infrequent rains.

Winters in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad experiences a very dry climate in the winter months i.e from November to February. With average temperature of minimum 15°C and maximum 30°C, the Ahmedabad climate is pleasant and comfortable during this time. In January, Cold Northerly winds blow through the region. The lowest temperature that has been recorded in Ahmedabad during the winters is 5°C.

Ideal Time to Visit Ahmedabad

If you are planning a trip down to Ahmedabad, it is always recommended that you avoid the summer months between April to June due to extreme hotness which can cause sunstrokes and dehydration. June to September is also not the best time due to uncertainty of rains. The ideal time to visit Ahmedabad is during the winter months of October to March because the climate is pleasant, comfortable and perfect for all the tourist activities