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Nightlife in Ahmedabad

The city of Ahmedabad does not boasts of a very vibrant night life. As Gujarat is a dry state the city does not shelter too many pubs and night clubs. However there are other forms of entertainment enjoyed by the locals and tourists who visit Ahmedabad.

Below is a list of the important forms of nightlife entertainment in Ahmedabad:

Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Dining out is a very popular culture in Ahmedabad. Dotted with restaurants throughout the city Ahmedabad is home to some of the finest eateries in the country. Be it Chinese, India, authentic Gujarati, Continental, South Indian or Thai the city offers specialties of all kinds. The restaurants in Ahmedabad are generally packed on weekends. The restaurants are open till late night since people keep flocking in till the late hours of the night.

Cinema Halls or Multiplexes in Ahmedabad

Another major form of nightlife is the many cinema halls and multiplexes in Ahmedabad. Most of the multiplexes in the city are open 24X7. As the people of Ahmedabad are popular throughout the country as movie buffs it is but obvious that the cinema halls will be full on weekends. Scattered in all corners of the city are the many cinema halls and multiplexes that show the latest bollywood and Hollywood flicks.

Malls in Ahmedabad

Struck with the mall culture Ahmedabad houses some of the biggest malls in the country. Malls like 10 acres and R3 are crowded till the late hours of night. The malls in Ahmedabad are just not restricted to shopping they offer a whole gamut of entertainment options. Be it in the form of restaurants, coffee joints or game parlors the malls in the city are always crowded with people. Most of the locals in Ahmedabad especially families visit the malls at night on weekends.

Music in Ahmedabad

Since the people in Ahmedabad are lovers of folk music the city offers a number of groups that sing and dance for the entertainment of the people. Most of the artists that perform in these shows are the locals of the city, or those who come from the nearby villages in Gujarat. Some of the folk groups are really talented and manage to attract large volumes of people who prefer spending time enjoying the age old traditional folk singing and dancing.