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Entertainment and recreation in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the business heart of Gujarat is affluent enough among all the metros of India. It has myriad avenues of entertainment and recreation. Ahmedabad city people believe in the ‘Work Hard and Party Hard’ philosophy. On weekends, the city forgets the whole week’s hard labor and engages in fun and recreation by every mean. Though Ahmedabad is a ‘Dry City’ hence for the hard-drink, there is no or little opportunity; there are other ways for rejuvenating one’s body and mind in Ahmedabad. Entertainment and recreation in Ahmedabad, therefore, is multifaceted. Just scroll downward to know how you can engage yourself in Ahmedabad entertainment and recreation.

The two main festivals of Ahmedabad are Diwali and Navratri. These two religious festivals are observed with pomp and grandeur in Ahmedabad. But if you don’t get chance to be present in Ahmedabad during these two festivals, don’t be upset. Because, there are more than a few more options of entertainment and recreation in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the Indian city with highest number of multiplexes. So if you are a movie-buff, Ahmedabad will surely make your wish come true. There are several bowling clubs and billiard clubs in Ahmedabad where you can spend a lazy Ahmedabad evening. Or else you can just visit the Kankaria Lake to take an afternoon stroll.

  • Cinema Halls in Ahmedabad

Map of Ahmedabad is dotted with various multiplexes and single-screen cinema halls. Popular Gujarati, Bollywood and Hollywood movies are shown here. As the night-club culture is not a very popular culture in Ahmedabad, people choose these Ahmedabad cinema halls for their pastime. The movie-freaks of the city are very fond of these cinema halls. All or most of them religiously follow the global standard and are equipped well with all the amenities that you desire. The Kankaria Lake Theater is a great place for drama and music.

  • Dance Culture in Ahmedabad

Dance is a popular form of entertainment and recreation in Ahmedabad. The tradition is century-old and the Ahmedabad city people still love dance like anything. Folk ad tribal dance forms are still very popular in Ahmedabad. Garbi Dace, Ghoriya Dance, Dandiya Dance, Tippani Dance, Mashira Dance, Swords Dance, Jag Dance, Matki dance are some of the popular forms that have earned accolades from all corners f the planet. Dandiya Dance during Navratri is extremely popular not only in Ahmedabad or Gujarat, but across the country. In autumn, Navratri is celebrated.

  • Music in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad people are extremely literate. They have the tight sense of aesthetics and good music gains acclaim from all corners of the city. As a consequence, eminent singers and musicians of the country choose Ahmedabad for giving their best. Music is yet another popular form of entertainment and recreation in Ahmedabad. The folk music of Gujarat is very popular among the city people. They also have a good taste for western music and other forms of music. So if you are music-enthusiast, Ahmedabad will please you.

  • Adventure sports in Ahmedabad

Adventure sports are a good way of entertainment and recreation in Ahmedabad. Enjoy adventure sports in Ahmedabad with your family and friends. Go for Karting-tracks, boating, swimming and horse-riding as Ahmedabad has all these arrangements for you. Entertainment and recreation in Ahmedabad is a never-ending story. Just keep on exploring!