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News and Events in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the business capital of the state of Gujarat. In importance, it is next to Gandhinagar, the state capital. News and events in Ahmedabad is ever flowing and abundant. Ahmedabad news and events reflect the socio-political-economical-cultural scenario of the state of Gujarat as a whole. Let’s take a brief look at the current headlines of Ahmedabad.

News in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad flooded: Sudden Rain Devastated the Manchester of India
Ahmedabad, the Manchester of the East, got rushed off the feet as incessant downpour engrossed the city as well as the central and southern Gujarat on August 8th. Five people were killed at this ransom. Over 300 houses are affected by this sudden deluge. Of these the majority are from Bopal area. Ahmedabad airport was also inundated at this natural calamity. As a consequence, all the domestic and international flights were called off. The train service also got heavily disrupted. The government is trying hard and soul to restore normality in the area.
Government Fighting Hard Against Swine Flu

Swine Flu has turned into a epidemic in and around Ahmedabad of late. But the local government is not dormant in the current situation. All sorts of precautions and measures are taken to the best possible to prevent the disease spread. Already, the Rajkot district administration has taken an admirable step by spreading H1N1 vaccine to all the local health centers. Ahmedabad is not far behind. The local government is working day and night to combat the situation. It is prescribed to eat fruits containing Vitamin C and wash hands well before eating. The campaign is one of the major news and events in Ahmedabad now.

Events in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the most prosperous business centers of the country. The city never falls short of news and events. There are attractive museums, colorful marketplaces and artisans’ villages that can steal your attraction. The CG Road which is at the heart of the city experiences a host of events throughout the year. The place and the city of Ahmedabad as a whole have the highest number of multiplexes in the country.

Various dance shows, jazz shows keep the Ahmedabad people charmed all the through. You will find all the Gujarati Cultural Festivals organized here in Ahmedabad. There are many amusement parks in and around Ahmedabad that spread fun and frolic in the air of the business heart of Gujarat. Classical dance programs are the major events in Ahmedabad. One jewelry exhibition is currently going on in AK International. If you are currently in Ahmedabad, don’t forget to pay a visit to the exclusive trade fair. You can also find the western cultural programs in and around the business capital of India. The nightlife of the city is equally vibrant. If you are interested about astronomy, you can visit the workshop of students on solar eclipse held at Astronomy Club on a daily basis. There are various art galleries in Ahmedabad that ca n quench the thirst of the art aficionados. You can take pleasure in the coffees and cafes of Ahmedabad. If you are in search of events, Ahmedabad will not disappoint you as the news and events in Ahmedabad are bountiful enough. Stay updated always about Ahmedabad because you never know what excitement and amazement awaits you in the economic capital of Gujarat.